There is more to a project than a bunch of code, this is a list of the top of my head of help that would be appreciated.

  • Feedback on how well it works and how well it suits your needs.
  • Plugins for common tools.
  • .exe setups for windows users, preferable that can be generated with Ant.
  • Embeded Java runtimes + help on licensing restrictions.
  • Background designs for specific LookAndFeels, it would be nice to replace the plain background with subtle low contrast images or design.
  • Free (Apache Licensed) banner images to include with the download.
  • Advice with the GUI design. Please not just flames or tips from the opinionated, but advice from any one who has studied design academically or is a long time pro would be appreciated.
  • JUnit tests. (well it can't hurt to ask!)
  • Internationalisation for other foreign languages.
  • Examples of real installer to use as compatibility tests for new versions.
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