Installer Ant Task

As of version beta0.7.4 there is an Ant task provided to help create the installer Jars. The task def is provided in the lib/ant-installer-ext.jar file.
The Task is similar to the core Ant Jar and War tasks. To define the task use the following at the top of a build.xml used to create the installer.

<path id="taskdef.cp">
	<fileset dir="${AntInstaller.home}">
		<include name="ant-installer-ext.jar"/>
		<include name="ant-installer.jar"/>

From there on in the build.xml file the installer task can be referenced with the installer element. This example should be self explanatory, but full details are provided below for each attribute.
			include the images for your installer 
			and license texts
		<fileset dir="extra-install-classpath" includes="resources/*"/>

			add you application binaries and resources 
			to the installer here, for example
		<fileset dir="myproject" includes="myproject.jar"/>
		<fileset dir="myproject" includes=""/>
		<fileset dir="myproject" includes="mydefaultdata/*"/>




An extension of the Jar task for creating installers.

This task will correctly package the AntInstaller classes, the Ant classes, the antinstall-config.xml, the build.xml file, the default LookAndFeel classes, the button icons and create the required to execute the Jar.

Nested filesets should be used to specify other resources required by the install (e.g. License.txt) and the files required to run the application being installed.

The extended zipfileset element from the zip task (with attributes prefix, fullpath, and src) is available in the Installer task.


Attribute Description Required
file the JAR file to create. Yes
buildFile The build.xml file to use when AntInstaller is run. Yes, unless update is set to true
installConfig The antinstall-config.xml file to use when AntInstaller is run. Yes, unless update is set to true
extractType Either NonExtractor or SelfExtractor. Yes
antInstallLib The location of the AntInstaller jars. Yes
antLib The location of the Ant jars. N.B. Ant 1.6.2 or above is required. Yes
icons The icon set to be used. One of bluecurve, crystalsvg, amaranth, krystaline or eclipse, new icons can be created and should be packed into a Jar with the name ai-icons-[name].jar with the png files in the resources/icons directory inside the jar. No
validateConfig when true the AntInstaller config file is validated and errors and warnings are printed to System.out, defaults to false No
failOnError if a known error is found during validation the build will stop. No
basedir the directory from which to jar the files. No
compress Not only store data but also compress them, defaults to true. Unless you set the keepcompression attribute to false, this will apply to the entire archive, not only the files you've added while updating. No
keepcompression For entries coming from existing archives (like nested zipfilesets or while updating the archive), keep the compression as it has been originally instead of using the compress attribute. Defaults false. No
encoding The character encoding to use for filenames inside the archive. Defaults to UTF8. It is not recommended to change this value as the created archive will most likely be unreadable for Java otherwise. No
filesonly Store only file entries, defaults to false No
includes comma- or space-separated list of patterns of files that must be included. All files are included when omitted. No
includesfile the name of a file. Each line of this file is taken to be an include pattern No
excludes comma- or space-separated list of patterns of files that must be excluded. No files (except default excludes) are excluded when omitted. No
excludesfile the name of a file. Each line of this file is taken to be an exclude pattern No
defaultexcludes indicates whether default excludes should be used or not ("yes"/"no"). Default excludes are used when omitted. No
manifest The manifest file to use if you wish to manually set the MANIFEST.MF (not recommended). No
update indicates whether to update or overwrite the destination file if it already exists. Default is "false". No
duplicate behavior when a duplicate file is found. Valid values are "add", "preserve", and "fail". The default value is "add". No

Copyright © 2000-2004 The Apache Software Foundation. All rights Reserved.
(lifted and altered from the WAR document)

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