Post Display Targets

The page elements now supports an additional attribute postDisplayTarget which specifies a target to be run during the build, after the page has been successfully rendered. The target should be prefixed antinstaller- to identify it as a different target type in the build.xml. These targets are run in a different context to the target run at the end of the build. Messages are swallowed and there are no input handlers or log files.

Custom Tasks

In order to hook into the installer custom Ant tasks have been defined into the project that can be used only during the postDisplayTargets.

  • antinstaller-log - writes its message attribute to the ant.install.log
  • antinstaller-message - generates a popup box using its message attribute in swing and writes a text message in the text ui.
  • antinstaller-property - takes either two attributes name and value that set the named value in the properties used in the installer and eventually in the Ant build. Can also take a single attribute resource to load a properties file from the classpath.
These tasks will not work in the normal Ant build, if you try they will throw NullPointerExceptions. antinstaller- targets should there for not be called or used as depends targets for targets that are run during the main build. Exceptions in the postDisplayTarget are reported in the ant.install.log for debugging if debug is set to true in the installer element. The antinstaller.jar property is available for NonExtractor types to reference files in the installer jar. N.B. For anyone creating references in the Ant build with id attributes the prefix antinstaller.internal. should be avoided.
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