Multiple install types

It is possible to deliver different install types in the same Jar. There must be a default install type that uses build.xml and antinstall-config.xml Additional types can be added by inculing additional files called build-[name].xml and antinstall-config-[name].xml. These can be selected on the command line by starting the installer with the following command line parameters -type [name].

for example
java -jar my-installer.jar -type alternative
or for a command line install
java -jar my-installer.jar text -type alternative

When launching from a scripted install (not a self-extracting Jar) the launch scripts will probably need to be modified to handle the new parameters correctly and to inform the user if an invalid -type has been specified. If not the installer will print a stack trace reporting that it can not find the config file.

Alternative configs are not validated during the ant task that creates the installer so they should be validated manually.

If creating different install types you will have to inform users that the options exist as they are currently only selectable on the command line. A GUI to this feature will probably not be implemented since it is possible to use the ifProperty attribute to achieve the same results and embed the alternative Ant tasks in the same build.xml file.
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