AntInstaller is undergoing a licensing change to make it compatible with Apache projects. The new license is the standard Apache 2.0 License. This means the license will be less restrictive. You may have noticed the change in the logo on the site. This is due to the necessity to provide Apache licensed content for all the components of the installer. If you don't like the new logo and feel you could do better, please send 'em in, but you must be willing to license them under Apache 2.0.

The following license apply to the various components of this project, they are all friendly and encourage open source development.
Unfortuntely the Metouia look and feel has had to be dropped due to the new licenses since it is GPL. It is still easy to implement this look and feel in your own installers but check the bug reports since there is a known issue with one of the input types.

A modifed JGoodies is still the default look and feel since it is licensed under a BSD license that is compatible with Apache.
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