Road Map

Please add any other enhancements you would like to see to the sourceforge request for enhancements page. RFEs

Console input
Indicate that ctrl + C can be used to exit
Facility to type help for AntInstaller instructions
Feedback of selection
Better ACSII art
JEdit Plugin

GUI interface
"TV" layout, side banners and more "modern" look
Update to latest JGoodies
Apache licensed icon packs

Other enhancements
Support for JDK1.3
Extend the validator to check
  • the targets entered exist in the build.xml
  • ifTarget and ifProperty expression validation
  • referenced resources are available in the Jar
More translations
Publish GUI translation tool
Publis site rendering tool and subcomponents
Nightly builds

If any of the above enhancements are important for your project, get in touch to raise the priority.
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