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AntInstaller enables you to quickly build installers for your applications using an XML config file and all the power of Ant.

The beauty of AntInstaller, from a user point of view, is that it lets you install an app with a user friendly swing GUI. If working over ssh or without an X environment you can still install on the command line with no changes to the installer.

To start using AntInstaller download and install the binaries. Then either read the quick start page, or use the wizard provided to generate an initial installer for your project. You will need to edit the antinstall-config.xml file following instructions in the AntInstaller manual and create an Ant build.xml file referencing the Ant manual. You can include the custom Ant task into your project's build to generate the installer.

In a move to be compatible with Apache projects the code in this project is now licensed under the less restrictive Apache 2.0 license. The new (18/05/2005) license can be viewed here Apache License 2.0

All core code is available in CVS, and can be browsed online here.

Latest source code is available in SVN, nightly builds are available here

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Core Developers

  • Paul Hinds - project lead, core dev, and slacking for months on end ;)
  • Mark Wilson - core development, bug fixings RFEs


P.S. Big thanks to Contributors and bug fixers
  • Marcia Choy - for inital comments and corrections in the web pages
  • Dueringer Markus - for hints on showing hidden directories
  • Simon Brooke - for feedback and suggestions.
  • Mark Anderson - for the TargetSelectInput and -lib fix.
  • Mohan Kishore - for improvement to the build process.
  • Mike Watts - for comment and suggestions
  • Eddyrun - for suggestions for ifProperty enhancements
  • Upayavira - for help with Apache licensing
  • Dabintxi - for work on i18n
  • Michael Lipp - for german translation
  • Kennett - for hosting the nightly builds


To get in contact the following channels are available.


CVS AntInstaller development version: beta0.8


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